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Library Jobs Oregon : Building a Brighter Future for All


If you’re looking for opportunities to pursue a career in libraries, Oregon is the place to be. With its thriving library community and diverse range of job opportunities, the state offers plenty of excitement and room for growth. Library jobs in Oregon come in various shapes and sizes, catering to individuals with different qualifications, interests, and experience levels. Whether you’re a seasoned librarian or just starting your career in this field, you’ll find plenty of options to explore.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of library jobs in Oregon and show you how to find the perfect role for you. From librarian positions to catalogers and archivists, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

So, if you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey in the library world, let’s get started. Discover the endless opportunities of Oregon library jobs, and take the first step towards your dream career today!

Exploring Library Jobs in Oregon

If you’re considering a career in libraries, Oregon is a state full of exciting opportunities. From librarians to library assistants, there are a variety of roles available to fit your skills and interests. Let’s explore some of the types of library jobs you can find in Oregon.


Librarians are responsible for overseeing the administration and management of the library. They’re in charge of acquiring new materials for the library’s collection, organizing and cataloging existing materials, and providing assistance to library visitors. To become a librarian in Oregon, you typically need a master’s degree in library science (MLS) or a related field. The median annual salary for librarians in Oregon is $69,380.

Library Assistant

Library assistants work in a supportive role to help librarians manage the library’s day-to-day operations. They check in and out materials, shelve books and other resources, and answer basic questions from library visitors. A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required for this position. The median annual salary for library assistants in Oregon is $30,310.


Catalogers are responsible for managing the library’s catalog database, ensuring that all materials are properly categorized and organized. They also handle the acquisition and processing of new materials. A bachelor’s degree in library science or a related field is typically required for this position. The median annual salary for catalogers in Oregon is $56,430.


Archivists are responsible for preserving historical documents, records, and other materials. They maintain and organize archival collections, assist researchers in accessing materials, and provide guidance on best practices for preserving materials. A master’s degree in library science or a related field is typically required for this position. The median annual salary for archivists in Oregon is $54,360.

These are just a few examples of the types of library jobs you can find in Oregon. Each role offers unique responsibilities and opportunities for growth and development within the field. Consider exploring these options further to find the perfect fit for your skills and interests.

Finding Library Jobs in Oregon

If you’re looking for library jobs in Oregon, there are several resources available to help you in your search. One of the best places to start is with online job search websites. Popular job websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and SimplyHired often have a wide range of library job listings in Oregon.

Another helpful resource is professional organizations such as the Oregon Library Association. These organizations offer networking opportunities, job boards, and other career development resources.

For those interested in exploring library jobs in other states, Library jobs Illinois and Connecticut are also great options to consider. The Illinois Library Association and the Connecticut Library Association both offer resources for Library jobs CT and provide information on library job opportunities throughout their respective states.

Networking with current library professionals and attending job fairs can also help in your job search. Be sure to keep an open mind and explore a variety of options when searching for library jobs in Oregon or beyond.

Benefits of Pursuing Library Jobs in Oregon

If you are considering a career in libraries, taking a closer look at Oregon may be well worth your while. The state boasts a wealth of opportunities for library professionals, as well as a robust and supportive library community.

One of the biggest draws of pursuing library jobs in Oregon is the competitive salaries. According to the Oregon Employment Department, librarians in the state earn an average annual wage of $71,020, while library technicians and assistants earn an average of $36,690 and $32,910, respectively. These figures are well above the national average for these occupations, making Oregon an attractive destination for library job seekers.

Another advantage of library jobs in Oregon is the opportunity for professional development. The Oregon State Library, for example, offers a wealth of resources and training opportunities for library professionals. These include workshops, webinars, and specialized training programs, all designed to help library staff stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the field.

Opportunities for Community Service

Libraries are an essential asset to any community, and this is especially true in Oregon. The state has a strong tradition of public service and a deep appreciation for the role that libraries play in promoting literacy, education, and lifelong learning.

By pursuing library jobs in Oregon, you will have a unique opportunity to serve your local community in a meaningful way. Whether you are working to connect patrons with important resources, organizing educational programs and events, or simply helping people find the information they need, you will be making a real difference in people’s lives.

Overall, pursuing library jobs in Oregon can be a highly rewarding career choice. With competitive salaries, opportunities for professional development, and the chance to make a positive impact on your community, it is not hard to see why Oregon is a top destination for library professionals.


What types of library jobs are available in Oregon?

There are various types of library jobs available in Oregon, including positions such as librarians, library assistants, catalogers, and archivists. Each role has its own unique responsibilities and qualifications.

How can I find library jobs in Oregon?

To find library jobs in Oregon, you can utilize job search websites, networking opportunities, and professional organizations. These resources can help you navigate the job market and connect with potential employers in the state.

Are there library job opportunities in other states as well?

Yes, there are library job opportunities in other states as well. If you’re looking to explore more options, states like Illinois and Connecticut also have their own library communities and job openings.

What are the benefits of pursuing library jobs in Oregon?

Pursuing library jobs in Oregon comes with several benefits. The state has a vibrant library community, offers competitive salaries, provides opportunities for professional development, and allows you to make a meaningful impact on the local community through your work.

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